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i gede arya sugiartha


Balinese traditional dance and music are imbued with the values, cultural identity and artistic expression of the Balinese, with close links to the Hindu religion. Balinese Hindus in particular strongly believe that dance and music are mediums to bring them closer to the gods. In Bali, religion, art and culture are fused together in daily life. For the Balinese, no religious ceremony is complete without the presence of art and culture. Equally as important as dance and music, living in harmony with the environment for the sake of human survival is another strong conviction among the people of Bali. In addition to music and dance performances, nature is believed to hold many supernatural powers which cannot be understood by mankind. People are expected to maintain a harmonious relationship between all elements. This is why dance and music are continuously maintained and developed over time. The strong adherence of the Balinese people to Hinduism contributes to the preservation of traditional dance and music so that these traditions may never be lost. This paper was first presented on the Workshop of Hindu Art in Southeast Asia hosted by SEAMEO SPAFA, on May 28, 2017, at ISI Denpasar and has been peer-reviewed.


Bali; dance; Hinduism; music

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